Saddles for Men's Golf Shoes

Complete your premium golf shoes with saddles from Jack Grace USA. We’re excited to offer some of the first ever saddles you can swap for premium golf shoes. These saddles take advantage of patent-pending technology that allows them to slip into our shoes with a snug fit, all while being incredibly easy to swap. If you’d like to learn more about how easy it is to swap out our shoe saddles, go here.

Our saddles are available in 24 different colors, which makes customizing these affordable golf shoes a breeze. Our saddles come in solid colors, but we also have a wide selection of patterns and designs available for further customization.

With the help of Jack Grace USA you can get all of the fashion of multiple looks with your shoes, all the while having to only buy one pair of affordable golf shoes. Browse here today to find the right saddles for your Jack Grace USA golf shoes.