Jack Grace is proud to partner with Glove It to offer a custom golf shoe experience.
"Jack Grace shoes allow you to swap your saddles in seconds, changing the look of the shoe at a moement's notice."

Each shoe or interchangeable saddle below comes custom-printed with the Glove It Logo. Please choose your shoe size from the drop down. Saddles are size-specific, so choose the saddle size to match your shoe. We offer 3 different colors of shoes White, Black, and Grey so make sure to choose the correct color you want!.

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You gotta Glove It!
Glove It is the leading manufacturer for Women's golf, tennis, and active lifestyle accessories. Their collection includes quality leather golf gloves, visors, club covers, shoe bags, golf bags, towels, tote bags, wristlets, carry all bags, tennis backpacks, and tennis totes.