"I have always struggled to find golf shoes that appealed to my taste. When it came time to buy new shoes it was always an “an all-white something or other” off the shelf. I sacrificed style in many cases because I didn’t like the excessive gadgets, design, and overall poor look of many shoes. I’d rather be bland than deal with a pair that was way too sporty or way too casual.

The new Jack Grace golf shoes offer a great balance to what else is available in the market. They have a classic look and design- you know they are meant to be worn golfing and not skateboarding. The kicker is the interchangeable saddles and what you can do with the colors offered. I have played 27 holes so far in my new shoes- 18 riding and 9 walking. I wore them around my house for an hour or so and then took them to the course. I am extremely satisfied with the comfort and fit. They fit true to size and they did not skimp on the construction of the shoes. I am looking forward to putting some miles on them around the state of Idaho!"

-Ryan T.