FlightedGolf.com offers an unsolicited review of Jack Grace USA

FlightedGolf.com offers an unsolicited review of Jack Grace USA


Posted by Adam Steht on February 26, 2017

Those of you that stay tuned in to our blog are aware that I've been on a bit of a rampage about how the highest powered companies with the most resources in golf (aka they have money falling out of their asses) have been releasing atrocious golf shoes for years. If this is your first time tuning in see my recent blogs NIKE...It's about time! and the sequel Under Armour! Dont do it! Read my last blog!.

Now that you're up to speed let's talk about a new company that brings style to the course using a simple design and a bit of ingenuity to revolutionize the golf shoe. I discovered Jack Grace USA on Instagram. Even though we target off-course apparel and style we like to keep our pulse on all things golf. Quite frankly I'm not sure if I ran across JG USA directly, through a search or through another account but that's not why we're here. Ladies and and Gentlemen, the star of the show - Jack Grace USA.

First Impression
At first glance I thought "Okay, these are a pretty simple shoe. They fit my eye well. Cool.

I was a millisecond away from going about my business but I liked the look enough to visit their website. And boy was I glad I did! It was like hitting the damn lottery!

Meat and Potatoes
Jack Grace USA brings modular style to the golf shoe! You can choose from White, Grey and Black as the base shoe color. Then, as you can see, JG offers a plethora of saddle and lace colors. The idea of offering golfers the ability to build a simple custom show is awesome. It doesn't stop there. In the words of the late Billy Mays - But wait! There's more! Foot Joy and others have offered customized shoes for some time. So what's make these so great? The saddle is interchangeable! Additional saddles include NCAA logos and even custom logos (your country club logo, etc.). Saddle prices on the website (non-custom) range from $30 to $40. Extremely reasonable and avoid needing multiple pairs of shoes. On top of that JG USA states that the saddle swap can be complete in about a minute.

The shoes range from $160 - $200+ with custom logo and the works. As mentioned, additional saddles look to run $30 and up. These are at the high end of what I assume most average golfers are willing to spend but they look to be oh so worth it.

Don't want 'em, NEED 'EM! These shoes simply fit my style (they'll fit anyone with good style...cough, cough). Add to that the fact that I can basically have 1,728 shoes in one and I'm sold. That's the actual number of combinations available. I don't need to lug around multiple pairs of golf shoes in the trunk. One pair of Innovators, a couple extra saddles and laces and I'm out!

Style: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Gotta have 'em rating: 1,000,000,000/5

* Disclaimer: I do not know the owner of Jack Grace USA. I also don't know Jack or Grace. I was not paid to write this and received no product to review (at the time of this writing the shoes are still on pre-order). And, based on the size of our following Jack Grace doesn't have much to gain from us. Not at this point anyway :)

See the post here: https://flightedgolf.com/blogs/all-things-golf/jack-grace


  • Nick Steht

    These will be in my shoe closet sooner rather than later.

  • Adam Steht

    Thanks for the love! Excited to watch your journey unfold.

  • Nick Steht

    These will be in my shoe closet sooner rather than later.

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